Job Stress and Burnout Self-Assessment

Tied Up with Stress

This Job Stress and Burnout Self-Assessment is compiled from a long list of reported characteristics of those on the edge of, or experiencing burnout. I most often refer to it as the Overload Assessment.

In my executive coaching, I make a difference between overload and burnout. Overload is a stage somewhere between increasing stress and burnout. Life seems to be getting tied up in a knot too hard to untangle. A person in continuing overload may be moving ever closer to burnout and the physical, emotional, work, home, and social turmoil that can follow.

Please note, this is not a scientifically validated assessment. It's just a helpful tool. It was created from the anecdotal reporting of my clients over the last 25 years, from existing information and literature, and finally, my own observations around overload and burnout.

The Job Stress and Burnout Self-Assessment will help you evaluate your current circumstances. It's a thinking tool. That means the results can bring clarity and lead to insight and actions to change course if needed.

Directions to Complete Assessment

1. Click here to print out the form. 

2. Circle the number that most closely describes which side of the list best describes you. For example, if you circle “1” beside optimistic about the future, you feel much more optimistic than you feel trapped. If you circle “5” you definitely feel trapped and don’t feel optimistic at all.

3. Add up your total and compare to the categories at the end of the burnout self assessment.

Note: If you score high on the assessment don’t wait long to take action to deal with overload. You may be jeopardizing your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Interpreting Your Score

As I said, this burnout self assessment is not a scientific survey, so interpret your burnout test results accordingly. What follows are my own thoughts, based on work with clients, about the 'next steps' you might consider.

40 – 60 Blue sky for you. Your coach can assist you to increase capacity and avoid that path that leads to overload. Build the margins you need in life.

60 – 120 You are doing ok, but areas of your life are approaching overload. Work with your coach to address those areas. Take well thought out action and you will be fine.

120 -180 You are running in the red. If you do not make some major changes you are a prime candidate for burnout. Work with your coach on lifestyle, beliefs about yourself and work issues. Bring your life back into balance.

180 – 200 You may be in serious trouble. Work with your coach to make drastic changes now, or talk about getting clinical help if needed.

Pause, and think about your results. Find a quiet place and take the time to thoughtfully consider the questions I've provided below.  

If you're ready for coaching, work with me to make some intentional changes now. Look, we as a society need your thought contribution and leadership for years to come. 

I coach executives, leaders and senior-level professionals. If that doesn't seem to describe you, by all means seek out another coach who may be able to assist you.

Some Questions About Your Job Stress and Burnout Assessment Results

  • What does your overall score tell you? 
  • What is the common connection between the fives you scored?
  • What kind of change might you make to address those fives? 
  • How is your attitude and behavior affecting those around you?
  • What is within your control to make or influence change? 
  • As a leader, how is all of this impacting your work?
  • What needs to be addressed? 
  • If you were to work with me to address overload or burnout, what would you actually work on?
  • What's the very toughest thing you think you need to address or find a solution to, in order to regain forward momentum? 
  • How willing are you to do whatever it takes to beat burnout?
  • What's the biggest thing that can hold you back from addressing this?
  • When will you begin? 

Institute Change by Working with an Executive Coach

Tangle of Wires

Depending on your score results on the Job Stress and Burnout survey, you may be at a crossroads.

Stress is rising or persistently high. Performance is declining, or costing you dearly. You are feeling it personally. Your family is probably feeling the strain as well. Your team may well be aware of your stress. They're on the receiving end of it every day.

Like the tangle of wires seen here, you're stretched in too many directions. Add one more strain and the whole thing might give way.

That's exactly the type of situation my clients (leaders, executives and senior-level professionals) are in when they begin coaching with me. They are at a crossroads. Things can't keep going on like this. Something has to change. 

I invite you to connect with me. Have a conversation where you can share privately and confidentially what's going on. You'll find I "get it." That one conversation might be pivotal in helping you take positive (life changing?) steps forward. I'm available. 

Sometimes one conversation changes everything.

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