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Clarity, solutions, and support for high-demand, high-intensity periods of work and leadership

Gary Woods

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Honored to Coach Leaders Since 1998

The leaders, executives and senior-level professionals who retain my leadership and executive coaching services share these characteristics.

  • They are highly committed 
  • They carry major responsibilities 
  • They have a demanding workload in an often changing environment
  • They manage high expectations, both from themselves and from others 
  • They MUST remain productive, even during periods of significant stress 
  • They feel overloaded, or maybe even on the edge of burnout 

Contact me to discuss how I might be of assistance. Here's what clients work on: In their own words.

For over 25 years, my job has been clear. Help leaders and executives maximize contribution and achievement while minimizing those things that can lead to overload and burnout.” 

Executive Coach, Gary Wood

Six Months from Today


Assume for a moment that you contact me today for coaching. What do you think is possible? 

Three or six months from today, what difference would our working together have made? For you? Your team? On your key objectives? 

  • Are you trying to avoid burnout, or leading through an extended, challenging and stressful period in the organization?
  • Do you feel like you're constantly trying to accomplish objectives in the face of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity?
  • Are you working on sluggish initiatives that are in need of clarity and momentum? 

Let’s schedule a conversation about your situation.

“Thank you so much for being there for me, especially at times when I really was lost about what to do.”  Executive Director

Executive Coaching to Deal with Burnout

Concerned Leader

Most often, leaders retain my executive coaching services when they know they are at a crossroad and must address the following.

  • High stress: There is a need to deal with intensity, overload, burnout or burn-on. Let's minimize those things that lead to overload and burnout
  • Sluggish performance: There is a need to regain personal productivity and effectiveness. Let's elevate those things that sustain contribution and achievement

You still need to keep things moving forward, but it’s tough. A hard, sometimes toxic, mix of situations, people, and expectations have left you feeling drained.

As experienced a leader as you are, you may feel like you are dealing with some significant stress, maybe even on the edge of burnout. I invite you to connect

"With Gary as a non-judgmental sounding board, I was able to say out loud those things that were clouding my outlook and making me lose sight of the bright possibilities."  President/CEO

For Those Few Rough Periods of Leadership


Whether you work and lead within:

  • Corporate 
  • Government 
  • Business
  • Institutional 
  • Nonprofit 
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Faith-based or general market, 

I am noted for zeroing in quickly to help you clarify and act on those few things which make the biggest difference in moving you and your priorities forward. That's important when you might find yourself under significant pressure.   

After many years and many thousands of hours of personal coaching, strategic planning work and client success, I understand how to help committed individuals regain and increase their capacity to work and lead through those more challenging periods.

A perfect example of working with stressed leaders was as I provided healthcare executive coaching during the Covid pandemic. I had the privilege of providing coaching support to a more than usual number of healthcare executives during that time. To say they were strained almost sounds like an understatement. Coaching made a difference during a difficult few years. You can read a little more of that story here.  

More information on addressing overload or burnout. 

Throughout life, take advantage of hundreds of thousands of courses, programs, coaches and consultants, for whatever purposes you have in mind


Call ME to work through those few demanding, extended periods of intensity.

Christian Executive Leadership Coaching

A large percentage of my clients identify as Christian leaders, executives or senior-level professionals.

Coaching Focus Areas

Some are able to be very public about their Christian beliefs. Most work in settings where their private faith informs their public behavior and thinking.

All bring passion and high-level contribution to their work.

Whether you work in a secular or faith-based setting, we will custom design coaching to address your unique situation. I have no difficulty working in either setting. More information. 

Perhaps like never before, navigating leadership in 2024 will pose new challenges that will necessitate Christian executives taking advantage of coaching and support. 

Since 1998, I have been privileged to serve many hundreds of leaders, executives, and senior-level professionals, all wanting to run better businesses, lead more influential organizations and guide cause, project or program initiatives to success. I would be honoured to explore how I might best be able to serve you.

Sponsored Leadership and Executive Coaching

Sometimes individuals are sponsored by their company or organization for leadership and executive coaching. While I've worked with leaders from many sectors, they have one thing in common ... they HAVE to keep doing their job and bringing in the results.

Hopefully your organization will be interested in seeing you do well. Having said that, most executive coaching clients are paying their own coaching fees when it comes to dealing with overload and burnout. Simply, they want to keep it confidential. 

I can help you identify those FEW THINGS that will
make the biggest difference moving forward and
know which ONE to concentrate on first.

I provide support. I work with leaders, executives and professionals privately and confidentially. The support is personal, live and full of care and understanding. I'm not working from theory. I've been there and understand what's going on. Let's explore how I might be of service to you. Contact me here. 

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