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A Faith-Driven Desire to Lead Well

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My Christian leadership coaching clients work on important initiatives in both secular and faith-predominant settings. Like you, they need to be at their best handling everyday decisions, challenges and opportunities for growth.

Here's a sampling (a real list) of what recent leaders said they wanted to work on in the course of our coaching.

Notice that they discuss the very same things that any leader might. Here's the difference. They think of these things from a perspective of faith and relationship with God. Perhaps you'll mention some of the same concerns to me.

  • Some advanced skill development for me as a leader
  • My continual lateness when I am to be at meetings with people
  • To get clear about the Lord's direction for my career
  • I work very late in the office and I can't seem to catch up
  • I need assistance in relating to the board and bringing them into the decision-making process
  • Regain my passion for the things God has called me to do
  • I want to run. I don't know how to take care of myself
  • Too many speaking engagements
  • Conflict management help
  • Pay attention at home. Work consumes me.
  • Strained relationships 
  • Upgrade my decision-making process
  • Sitting on too many boards and committees
  • Practice some self-management fast or I'll burn out

The professionals I work with want me to capably coach around any business or ministry goals they might have, but also to consider this from a common perspective of faith. 

"Through Gary's coaching, I have been able to make numerous difficult but positive decisions to move ahead very significantly. The ministry has flourished as a result but more importantly, I am able to function personally, far more effectively. Most significantly by far, my marriage and family life has been strengthened immensely." 

Founder/Executive Director

A God-Centered Perspective for Thinking


In Christian leadership coaching we share several distinctive characteristics.

We hold a common God-Centered Worldview. 

We might be discussing a vision for the future, a strategic initiative, or a staffing concern ... but we both come with the same framework, and a common language for thinking about the big picture or the topic at hand. 

A Christ-Centered Reference for Ethical Behavior

We hold a common Christ-Centered ethic. My clients are concerned about their behavior and how it plays out in all of their life. I share that desire to operate from a Christ-centered ethic as well.

A Desire to Continue to Grow Spiritually

We have a desire to grow in our relationship with God. Coaching is not a Bible study or a discipleship ministry. Still, clients often initiate spiritual conversation, and discuss how to apply truth to some facet of their work or personal life.

A Naturalness in Speaking About Biblical Truth

It's natural that Christian leaders weave biblical reference into a conversation. It is only natural to anticipate God sparking these conversations so that a leader can respond to the realities of everyday life and leadership, solidly standing on a foundation of biblical truth.

A Belief that God Cares About Us, Our Work and Our Team

God is not distant. From His creation of humanity, He has always been vitally interested in seeing people do well, and taking the lead role in forming their character. 

The very work we do is part of his greater plan. Our work is good and has his interest. It is part of His "assignment" for us.

A Seasoned Christian Thought Partner

Gary Wood Christian Executive Leadership Coach

I've professionally provided Christian leadership coaching to faith-sensitive leaders, executives, and senior-level professionals for over 25 years.

And for a good 25 prior to that, I can now see my experience leading, being led, working with leaders, and living life, was honed by God to prepare me to come alongside and assist men and women, leaders just like you. 

  • I am a seasoned Christian (follower of the Lord, Jesus Christ.)
  • I maintain a daily walk with the Lord, in the Word and prayer
  • I enjoy a long marriage and faith journey with Alice my wife 
  • I contributed to the early development of coaching as a profession
  • I know the stresses and opportunities of leadership. 
  • We share a common understanding and language around what matters.
  • I know how to zero in on what makes the biggest difference.
  • I've lived life.
  • I've been around a lot of people.

Bottom line. With God's enabling, I bring a seasoned, highly experienced Christian perspective to coaching leaders. There isn't much I haven't seen. I understand the responsibilities and pressures of leadership and zero in very quickly to deal with what matters. 

You can check out further benefits of executive coaching here. 

"Gary's biblical responses were water to my parched soul, as it is not often one can get the personal application tempered with biblical leadership principles in such clear council as Gary gives." Executive Director

Our Coaching Calls are Confidential

As you know, there are some things the leader can only talk to very few people about. Others would have a hard time understanding.

  • They might be too quick to open their mouth and come up with a fast "fix," or maybe worse, a harsh judgment. 
  • They might take something that was purely thinking out loud, or dreaming about possibilities for the company, and turn it into something that it isn't. And we all know how that can spread.
  • *Note* - Our conversations are private and confidential. 

It takes time and the sometimes tough realities of life and leadership to create a sensitivity to such things. That's the benefit of a "seasoned" coach who's "lived life."

On this life experience of Gary Wood page, I give a candid but tongue-in-cheek overview of some of my life experience. It may "ring true" with your own experience. I've been there. I get it.

What Makes a Christian Leadership Coach?

Gary Relaxing and Thinking

I am a Christian Executive Coach. Perhaps better put, I am a leadership and executive coach who happens to be a committed Christian. 

  • Experienced in Leadership - I understand the realities of leadership, and those things that can lead to overload and burnout. Equally, I find a passion in assisting Christian leaders (owners, executives, directors, senior-level professionals) to maximize their own contribution and achievement in the places where God has placed them. 

  • Respected in Coaching - I have been involved in professional coaching since 1998. Considering coaching was first introduced as a profession in 1992, I've grown with the profession and was around in much of its early development. I've contributed to advancing the profession and trained hundreds of others on their path to become professional coaches.  
  • Mature in Faith - I began a relationship with God through Christ, when I was 19. Since then I characterize my journey as a "story of grace." I've been privileged to walk with the Lord as He formed my character and crafted my path. I've learned (or should I say I continue to learn,) to pray, learn, wait, and work with the energy He provides. 

I always felt like Gary had my best interests in mind at all times.  Never did we cover a topic or issue that I felt Gary was not qualified to handle – he consistently provided thoughtful input and suggestions to all our meetings. Gary is a great navigator and has so much to offer the world and those around him. 
Owner Operator

Searching for a Christian Leadership Coaching

Preparing for Coaching Meeting

I am assuming you lead, influence and impact many people. Now you are about to make a critical investment in YOU. Literally, the work we do can set the tone for the rest of your life.

Here are a few of the more subjective questions and considerations as you consider me for Christian leadership coaching. I'm happy to discuss each with you before you retain me.

  • Do you sense I know what it is to face the tough stuff of life?
  • Have I experienced anything similar?
  • How might I work with what you are experiencing?
  • You feel comfortable talking and sharing your story with me?
  • How much spiritual depth and insight do I have?
  • Do I have something original to offer or does it sound pretty canned?
  • Are you hearing evidence of understanding, discernment and wisdom from me?
  • If you want to be referred back to Scripture, do I have a working knowledge of the Bible?
  • Can you see yourself talking freely back and forth with me?
  • If you want a coach who shares your specific spiritual beliefs, ask. In that regard, here's a survey of scripture that informs my beliefs.

Running on Full and Avoiding Burnout

Starting Block

Probably like you, I've always felt like I had important things to accomplish. I made it my aim to be “running on full.” 

  • “Running on Full” means elevating those things that sustain contribution and achievement, while minimizing those things that lead to overload and burnout.  
  • By contrast “running on empty” means continuing to do those things that contribute to overload, "running in the red," and make us more susceptible to burnout. 

"We don't forget that we are Christians. We forget that we are human, and that one oversight alone can debilitate the potential of our future." Wayne Cordeiro

For me, it's part of what Jesus had in mind when He said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” That kind of running on full. Comprehensive. Involving all of life, at home, at work, and in my community. 

If Christian leadership coaching causes you to make some adjustment, in thinking or in action, so you can be the very best God gave you the potential to be - at work, at home, in leadership and in service to others - it will be a complete success. 

If you are having a rough day with the intensity of your situation, or if you feel like you're on the edge of burnout, try reading these encouraging words of Scripture

If you'd like to read the Scriptures online, try here.

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