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Navigating the Leadership Challenges of 2024


The number of senior-level leaders asking for Christian leadership coaching in 2024 is up for me.

Those I talk to want a longer-term engagement with a seasoned coach, who has lots of life and leadership experience. They are looking for a coach who can help them apply what they know to the leadership and professional challenges they face on a daily basis.

And, increasingly they are asking their senior team members to work with a coach. 

What's on the Mind of the Christian Leaders I Serve?

So what's different in 2024?

  • More demand for one on one Christian executive coaching  
  • A greater desire for a seasoned coach who's gone through "tough" stuff and understands the demands and pressures of leadership
  • A want for spiritual maturity to help apply Biblical insight to today's leadership   

These last few years of coaching have been different from previous years. I’ve noticed that client anxiety has been higher, often mirroring the general marketplace. Probably for good reason.

In addition to the everyday issues of running a business, corporation, or nonprofit, there's also a growing list of other very big concerns. They all came out in the earliest months of the year already.

There’s all the big stuff ...

  • The pandemic and its aftermath that keeps unfolding
  • The sometimes dizzying pace of change
  • Social turmoil
  • The creeping of extremism and desperation 
  • Climate impact 
  • The exodus of workplace knowledge and talent
  • Technology and security concerns
  • Stress, burnout and burn-on
  • And more

Still ... work must go on. Because of so many conversations, I know what Christian leadership coaching clients have been thinking about and working through.

My records show that the Christian leader, executive, or senior level professional I work alongside, will coach for well over a year. Many have coached for several years, as they moved through their career. Once working through the initial "hard stuff," they continue with coaching to develop further as a leader.

Issues that Create a Context for Leadership in 2024

Rubik's Cube Navigate the Problem

Practical questions flow from what's going on.

  • How do I address post-pandemic stress that is hanging on in my team and employees?
  • How do I keep up with AI, social expectations and trends, the next big tech advance, cyber-security etc.?
  • What’s my understanding of, and response to, the latest big issue? How do I sort what's factual from the rest? What’s needed? What’s helpful? What’s the right thing for us to do? Do we do anything?
  • How do we contribute meaningfully to addressing climate change? What's the opportunity as we do this?
  • How do I retain valued team members, who have the knowledge, skills, experience and maturity our organization needs?
  • How do I go about finding the best new people to infill our organizational chart? What do they want? How do I coach and develop them?
  • We are experiencing a fatigue unlike years past, myself included. It seems unsustainable. What can I do for my team and myself?

It becomes still more personal. Executives want to expand their own capacity around things like this ...

Leadership Challenges and Skills for 2024

Archery: Aiming well

In the course of providing Christian leadership coaching in 2024, most of the trending leadership challenges center around people. It's probably self-evident to the Christian who knows God's thoughts about people.

  • Dealing with overload, burnout, and burn-on
  • Being empathetic - the needs of individuals grow in complexity
  • Communication skills - reflective listening, seeking feedback etc
  • Strengthening human connection. Fostering genuine, caring relationships.
  • Involving others while moving forward
  • Decision-making individually and with others
  • Coaching and developing team members
  • Managing a hybrid work environment. Fostering autonomy with accountability
  • Finding something “bigger” that the team wants to be a part of
  • Being agile and adaptable. Being willing and proactive
  • Critical thinking, and contextual problem solving
  • Being conscious of personal, mental, and physical health
  • Keeping the team healthy, engaged and fulfilled
  • Responding wisely to tension and crisis
  • Responding to the "just enough" mindset

I have no doubt that for the remainder of 2024, I will regularly be discussing these leadership challenges, and exploring the skills necessary around them, with my clients.

D Stands for Disconnectedness


A few years back, the acronym VUCA was coined. Right away I felt there was something missing.  

  • Volatility
  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Ambiguity

It was an attempt to encapsulate what everyday leaders were having to deal with.

The missing piece is "D." I believe the acronym should really read, VUCAD.

The “D” may be so crucial to address, that all the others pale in comparison. I'll leave it to experts to define the actual costs of not paying attention to D. My suspicion, after coaching leaders and professionals for 25 years, is that the cost is high.


A LOT of leaders and professionals feel like they're pretty much on their own dealing with all the “stuff” I mentioned above.

They really do relate to the old adage, "It's lonely at the top."

Is this you? 

Shallow "business" relationships with little real "personal connection" characterize the experience of too many leaders this decade.

The org chart shows one thing, but the person on the other end of the direct line connection is often weak, inexperienced, self-absorbed, on a personal agenda, or simply too overwhelmed to respond in any kind of empathetic, supportive way.

This is why so many high-contribution leaders and organizations invest in coaching. They know the value of direct support, coaching, and having a thought partner. 

Coaching is a Collaboration of Support

Hand - Collaboration

Any coaching, not just Christian leadership coaching, is about getting clarity and gaining momentum. At its best, it’s also about support and encouragement. We all need it. Leaders and executives are no different.

I’m meeting with you several times a month. I do everything I can to create a real and supportive relationship. In this type of coaching environment, you experience the best setting to work on those things that matter to you and your organization.

The Benefits of Christian Leadership Coaching Move Outward

Ripples outward

The “connectedness” we experience as Christian leader and coach, moves outward. It goes from the two of us, out to you and your team.

  • Connectedness cares about the other person, whether they are up, down, or sideways on an org chart. Connectedness takes a moment to ask about really important stuff, things like personal well-being, family, or a recent setback or victory.
  • Connectedness respects, cares about, and celebrates the other’s wins and contributions. This is what separates the really great leader you loved working alongside, from that “other” leader you once worked under.

In the daily volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and uncertainty, you and I are connected. The client and coach. That is a powerful connection. I’ve experienced it over and over again, across all these years of working with leaders just like you.

This is what our Creator had in mind - that we deeply encourage one another and come alongside. And THAT somehow makes the daily responsibilities, and grappling with big issues easier to navigate.

As we coach together, you grow even stronger, and that spills over into your team. 

"Through Gary's coaching, I have been able to make numerous difficult but positive decisions to move ahead very significantly. The ministry has flourished as a result but more importantly, I am able to function personally, far more effectively. Most significantly by far, my marriage and family life has been strengthened immensely." 

Founder/Executive Director

A Shared Perspective for Coaching


In Christian leadership coaching, you and I share several things in common. This helps us look at any personal or professional situation from a unique perspective. 

We hold a common God-Centered Worldview. 

We might be discussing something mentioned above, a vision for the future or a strategic initiative, but we both come with the same framework, and a common language for thinking about the big picture or the topic at hand. 

A Christ-Centered Reference for Ethical Behavior

We hold a common Christ-Centered ethic. There are lots of hard issues to contend with. You are concerned about your behavior and how it plays out in all of your life, work, and leadership. I share that desire to operate from a Christ-centered ethic as well.

A Desire to Continue to Grow Spiritually

We have a desire to grow in our relationship with God. Coaching is not a Bible study, nor a discipleship ministry. Still, you will often initiate spiritual conversation, and discuss how to apply truth to some facet of your work or personal life.

A Naturalness in Speaking About Biblical Truth

It's natural that Christian leaders weave biblical reference into a conversation. It is only natural to anticipate God sparking these conversations so that you can respond to the realities of everyday life and leadership, solidly standing on a foundation of biblical truth.

A Belief that God Cares About Us, Our Work and Our Team

God is not distant. From His creation of humanity, He has always been vitally interested in seeing people do well, and taking the lead role in forming their character. I suspect you tackle tough "people" problems from a compassionate place of understanding.

And where you might be super-critical of your own performance, I coach you how to step back and go easy on yourself, to allow God to do His work. 

The very work we do is part of God's greater plan. Our work is good and has His interest. It is part of His "assignment" for us. Christian leadership coaching helps maximize your part in it. 

"Gary's biblical responses were water to my parched soul, as it is not often one can get the personal application tempered with biblical leadership principles in such clear council as Gary gives." Executive Director

Our Coaching Calls are Confidential

Fingerprint confidential

Bottom line? You're dealing with a lot of big stuff. And I suspect it isn't going to diminish. 

As you know, there are some things the leader can only talk to very few people about. Others would have a hard time understanding.

  • They might be too quick to open their mouth and come up with a fast "fix," or maybe worse, a harsh judgment. 
  • They might take something that was purely thinking out loud, or dreaming about possibilities for the company, and turn it into something that it isn't. And we all know how that works.

Note: Our conversations are private and confidential. 

It takes time to gain clarity and discern a wise direction forward. That's the benefit of a "seasoned" coach who's "lived life," and worked with many hundreds of men and women, just like you.

On this life experience of Gary Wood page, I give a candid but tongue-in-cheek overview of some of my life experience. It may "ring true" with your own experience. I've been there. I get it.

I always felt like Gary had my best interests in mind at all times.  Never did we cover a topic or issue that I felt Gary was not qualified to handle – he consistently provided thoughtful input and suggestions to all our meetings. Gary is a great navigator and has so much to offer the world and those around him. 
Owner Operator

"We don't forget that we are Christians. We forget that we are human, and that one oversight alone can debilitate the potential of our future." Wayne Cordeiro

If you are having a rough day with the intensity of your situation, or if you feel like you're on the edge of burnout, try reading these encouraging words of Scripture

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