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If you still have questions after reading the following FAQ information on the executive coaching process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What organizations and job positions have your clients come from?

I am privileged to serve an international clientele of leaders, executives, owners, senior management and professionals from corporate, business, government, nonprofit and community organizations. You can review them here

What’s the length of a typical engagement?

The average length of time a client works with me is 14 months. Some have been clients for several years, others a matter of a few months.

Do you customize your programs for my needs?

Yes. I follow a common start-up executive coaching process for each coaching engagement. After that the coaching itself is specific to each individual according to your needs. I try remain as flexible as possible in order to see you achieve your desired outcomes.

How do I pay?

PayPal is by far the most common method of payment. Otherwise cheque and, where available bank e-transfer. Often a client will pay for three or six months, and sometimes one year at a time. 

How long have you worked with individuals and organizations?

I have been a leader, worked with leaders and trained leaders since 1974. In 1998 I began G.E. Wood & Associates, a full-time, professional coaching firm. Except for holidays, I coach every single week.

How is confidentiality handled with management?

I stand firmly on complete confidentiality. I also believe in continuously assessing how well you are working toward your desired outcomes. 

I only speak with the sponsor when there has been prior agreement and clearly defined parameters. Of course I have a professional duty to report threats of harm to self or others and egregiously illegal actions.

What if our staff member does not want the recommended coaching?

If a potential client is not ready, willing and able to coach, there is no use forcing the issue. A person must be coachable, ready to think about themselves and their behaviors and willing to make needed changes if that might be indicated.

What’s the difference between coaching and psychotherapy?

Therapy is about pain, the past and a pathology that focuses on uncovering and recovery. Coaching is about learning and development with a focus on discovery, maximizing possibilities and moving forward in the future. I coach. I do not do therapy.

Can you work with the leaders of our whole organization?

Perhaps. We would need to have a conversation to determine what you have in mind. Obviously I am one person, so I need to have the time to serve each of your leaders well. Honestly, it really depends on what you want and how we can organize it for success. 

What levels within the organization do you coach?

I coach owners, executives, leaders and senior management. I am perfectly comfortable coaching with any other professional within the organization and have done so many times. You can see the people I have worked with here

What types of organizations can you work with?

I work internationally with corporate, business, government, nonprofits, institutions and ministries.  

Can you accommodate my work schedule?

Generally I can. There are very few cases where someone’s schedule is so out of the ordinary that we are not able to find common time to meet. Just ask, and then we'll see if we can find a good time. 

How do personal, executive and leadership coaching differ?

The difference is in terminology and perhaps degree. The quality of the coaching will be exactly the same. The topics you may bring to the table may vary, depending on your position and responsibilities and what you are dealing with.

Do you accept all coaching clients?

No I do not. I know very quickly from our early communication and conversation whether I feel I can be of assistance. It's important for both client and coach to be a good match in order for the coaching relationship to be effective.

Do you coach leaders of smaller nonprofit organizations?

Yes I do. Call and outline your situation. We'll determine if I can accommodate you. 

Will I have to go through an assessment process?

Generally I like a new client to complete an executive behavioral style assessment as a starting point. I provide a very thorough debrief so you have a reference point for discussion of objectives and for tracking progress.

We don't have to do this prior to starting. Usually it will be completed in the early weeks of our work together. And if you already have a recent quality DISC assessment, we may be able to use that. The value is in the conversation. 

Will there be a signed Coaching Agreement?

Yes. The agreement will spell out confidentiality, fees, logistics, the nature of our working together and the responsibilities of each of us during the engagement. It will also cover session cancellation and disclosure policy.

What language do you coach in? English.

What if I am not able to continue with the coaching?

You are free to finish at any time. You will have paid for the month of coaching you are currently in. 

Will I be required to provide a coaching testimonials?

I really appreciate that you provide periodic testimonials that may be used publicly on my website and in any of my literature. There is no need to be silent about a good thing. And there is value in being able to articulate the benefits of the coaching you are receiving. 

I use initials. I never use full names or identifying companies or organizations with quotes. 

If you still have questions after reading the preceding information on our executive coaching process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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