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I share "Short Notes" to encourage leaders in the daily back and forth of work, leadership and life.

There is no regimented schedule. When I have a thought I feel might be encouraging, or have read something worthy of a moment of your deeper reflection, I'll pass it along.


Sep 17, 2023

Balance and Productivity in Leadership

I'm going to begin putting the content of my book, "52 Solutions for Those Who Need a 25 Hour Day" on the site.

I'm hoping to do it in a way that is helpful to:

1. Leaders who need to regain productivity after it being eroded from overload or burnout.

2. Leaders who are preparing themselves for future advancement, and realize practicing "the basics" is essential to getting things done.

My hope is to expand even further on my original work by adding further helpful and practical insight and self-coaching help.

Here's the link.


Sep 06, 2023

Giving My Thoughts Room to Wander

The author's description below works for me. It captures some of the benefit of getting away from the direct and daily "noise" of work and leadership, to be alone and see what thoughts come up.


"I come to these mountains for a lot of reasons. To get away from the phone is one. And from the computer. And the incremental nag of the organizer that minces my day, telling me where I should be and when, what I should be doing and for how long.

I come for exercise. And solitude. I come to give my thoughts room to wander, uncinching them so they can go off grazing by themselves, without me guiding them or chiding them."

Ken Gire, "Life as We Would Want It, Life as We are Given It." 2006, W Publishing Group.


When is the last time you had a personal retreat of some sort?

I've had prayer and planning retreats that have been super helpful. Here's one kind of retreat that has benefitted me. It's a little different from the authors, but equally helpful.

Most often it's been arriving at a cabin for an overnight, and walking, enjoying nature and praying for an hour or two. Going back to the cabin I take some time to read and see what God might want to say to me through Scripture.

Then I use index cards I've brought with me, and on them begin writing thoughts, key words, or ideas around a topic, situation, or creative work I purposed to consider.

By the end of that evening I may have dozens of index cards laid out on the floor. Thoughts, plans and ideas begin to formulate. Clarity begins to emerge through moving those cards around, creating headings and connections.

I've developed whole programs this way. In the quiet setting, thoughts sometimes begin to flow. I simply capture them and watch them fit into a cohesive whole.

As frequently as I feel the need, I may go out and take another walk, letting the ideas "marinate" in my thinking.

I use the learning from this kind of retreat to create a plan for moving forward, either adding to or removing from my current schedule.

The added benefit is the rejuvenating experience of the get-away itself, apart from any planning I may achieve. That's why I think Ken Gire has captured something in his description.

How could you benefit from such a retreat? What would your crafted retreat consist of? What do you need?

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