Regain the Benefits of Work Life Balance


There probably was a time when you enjoyed the benefits of work life balance. But over time that has slowly been eroded.

Many things might have contributed to it, But, here you are on the edge of burnout. Add to that the realities of “life” over the last number of years and it can be pretty overwhelming.

Don't let this erosion continue. Regain the balance, high-level contribution, and sense of satisfaction you once enjoyed.

"Thank you so much Gary, for the role you had in my life."  SVP

The Three Part Solution to Dealing with Burnout

Let’s review three areas involved in dealing with burnout. They really are three parts of one solution that I work on with executive coaching clients who are trying to beat burnout.

  1. Deal with the actual burnout. Or maybe it’s “overload,” one step removed from burnout, but equally troubling if sustained and not paid attention to.
  2. Regain performance. I am assuming if you don’t regain productivity and performance, it will impact whatever it is you work at, no matter where you are on the org chart.
  3. Regain work life balance. You are a whole person. The whole of your life is at play when you are burned out. Getting back to a proper blending of work and personal life is crucial to satisfaction and fulfillment.

If you are experiencing overload or burnout, read what you can gain back by addressing your situation now. 

How to Get Over Burnout


As a society, we need you. We need your thought leadership and contribution.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that leadership isn't always easy, and you're in a rough stretch right now.

Let’s get you through this period of unusually high and extended intensity.

How to get over burnout?

  1. Pay attention to the warning signs of burnout at work - the flashing yellow light - and ask yourself if this represents your experience. If the answer is “yes,” make a decision to do whatever it will take to deal with it.
  2. Review the four-part framework to get over burnout. Contact me and we’ll discuss your situation and craft a way forward. As you move through burnout and beyond, four activities will take place.
  • Dealing with your immediate situation
  • Finding and adopting new strategies
  • Moving forward with consistent results
  • Building resilience for the future

Deal with burnout in such a full way that you never, ever go back there again. Make the decision to do that right now.

“Great news! Yesterday was a wonderful day. I worked from home, and felt the best I have felt in a long time. Thank you for all you do.”  Director of Business Development

How to Regain Performance When it Has Declined


I know it sounds hard, but all too often in the real world of work, it doesn’t much matter how you feel. The expectation is that you will perform. You have to “get the job done.”

You know that your performance has been eroded. You realize you are not “at the top of your game” like you once were. But ... you can do it again, and in a better way. 

How will you regain performance?

  1. Moving forward from here, embrace working in a different way. You know something must change. We’ll look at pressure points in your routine, responsibilities, and structure. You know, all the tactical stuff of work. We’ll examine potential ways to navigate them with greater effectiveness and less stress. This is where coaching is invaluable and breakthroughs are common.
  2. Burnout almost always involves people (reporting to you, or to whom you report,) and procedures (the way things are done.) They can suck the life out of you. Go through the hard exercise of determining whether to stay or find another place to work. But don’t be too quick to “jump ship.” This may be one of the biggest learning experiences of your life. It may be preparing you for greater things to come.
  3. Find new ways of dealing with irregular people and challenging situations. As we coach, we can discuss relationships, thought tools, and approaches that will assist you with this.

"Gary's coaching in hiring new staff, while I phased myself out, has proved invaluable. We have reached our objectives through this process, and we feel confident and blessed, to have new staff and board members in place."  Founder/Executive Director

How to Regain the Benefits of Work Life Balance


People end up drowning themselves in work for various reasons.

Some simply love to work and make things happen. Most though want a satisfying blend of life and work.

That’s probably different for each person, depending on their make-up, personal relationships and circumstances. 

Assuming you feel like you’ve lost it, how do you once again enjoy the benefits of work life balance?

  1. Acknowledge that you don’t currently have work life balance. That might sound simplistic, but it’s key to making a decision to do whatever will be required to obtain it. Ask the tough questions as to why you don’t have it. And be practical and honest. “I’m waiting to win the lottery,” probably isn’t a good foundation for thinking about such things. What got you in this situation where your work has consumed your “life?”
  2. Determine what work life balance, or work life blend, even means to you. It sounds like a nice concept. But what is it exactly that you’d like to have? What would your spouse or your family like to see? Where does your faith fit into this? Again, this is where the back and forth of the coaching conversation can help you think about these things.
  3. Develop a plan to achieve what it is you want. Be realistic as you do this. It’s not a pie-in-the-sky exercise. But don’t hesitate to stretch and reach forward to what it is you feel called to. This may take some boldness to step out. Coaching can support you.
  4. Be patient. This might not be achieved overnight. Sometimes a lifestyle change takes time. Sometimes pursuing better ways of working and leading requires an approach that unfolds over time. You can get there. Just allow for it.

“Gary,Thanks for those words.  I was up at 6 am this morning fretting about things and your email was a great encouragement.  I was able to get away for two days on a sailing trip with some friends this weekend.  The rest and change of scenery was much appreciated.” Director of Operations

Knowing You are Doing Well

I take particular satisfaction in seeing individuals and organizations doing well and knowing I have made a significant contribution to that happening.

I take no satisfaction in seeing men and women experiencing sustained overload, floundering and not achieving those things that are important to them.

Let’s set you on a path to regaining the benefits of work life balance, regaining performance and productivity and of course beating burnout.

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