One on One Executive Coaching in My Client's Own Words

Using private, confidential, one on one executive coaching, you will make progress in two areas. The first is in addressing your professional and leadership priorities. The second, equally important, is simply in navigating all the complexities of “life.”

My mission is to help you make the changes needed to live a more workable, less stressed and more satisfied life, at the same time as you work on professional and organizational objectives.

Even though you are a leader, executive or senior-level professional, you have a whole other life that most don't see, and it needs attention just the same as you are giving any professional development goals. Of what value is being wildly successful at work and in business if you lose at life?

Aim for the target

Leadership and Professional Goals

What follows is an extremely small sampling of reasons leaders and professionals have worked with me. Here’s what they have said, in their own words:

  • I need someone to coach me and to hold me accountable as I set goals so I can follow through on them and keep them.
  • Teach me to communicate with the power people and understand what is not being said (read between the lines).
  • I think I can take this company a lot farther. I need a sounding board.
  • We desperately need the clarity and momentum you talk about.
  • Imposter syndrome creeps in, and I feel in over my head.
  • Help me to put systems in place so I am not always ‘fighting fires.'
  • It’s a great organization but it’s stuck. The leadership is stuck. The staff is stuck. We’ve got to break out of this.
  • Be a better manager of my time.
  • I need help in making a smooth transition of leadership.
  • I need help to overcome the hurdles of this new position.
  • I need more confidence with reading individuals and situations in real time.
  • Help me find that elusive time to take care of myself.
  • I’ve got to get my vision in front of people but the crisis just keep coming.
  • I feel conflicted about giving focused attention to my own work versus being available to my team.
  • Develop some thinking and action tools to get me on track and stay there.
  • I need a new direction in my business life.
  • I am moving into uncharted waters for me and the organization. I need a sounding board to spur me on, give me advice and ask me hard questions.
  • I need someone to help me make the right decisions regarding future choices.
  • I am in a high pressure, high stakes position that is new. I need help moving forward.
  • I want to feel more "on top" of things versus the feeling like I am holding on for dear life. 
Moving from A to B

Important Life Priorities

My clients bring “real-time” concerns they want to address, the everyday stuff of leadership. They also bring “long-game” priorities they’d like to be living out in daily life.

Long-game concerns don’t generally have a “solution” that can be implemented in one day. It requires longer term intentionality and effort. The leader, the person, is under construction or in renovation. There's a lot of work going on. For a while it's messy, but steadily it emerges as something new and better. 

Here are some examples, in my client’s own words.

  • Being more confident when with others
  • Being the best spouse, I can be
  • My objective is to achieve a reasonable balance. I want to do my job well, but with sufficient energy left over for family, faith etc
  • Dealing with the tough things that seem to keep happening
  • Personal care has been an issue since I became CEO. It is simply a 24/7 position.
  • Handling criticism and feedback to get maximum advantage from it
  • Building better relationships with friends
  • Personal self-esteem and confidence
  • Being more intent about living out my faith
  • Staying focused on home life
  • Helping my children mature
  • Setting new standards and protecting my teenagers by clear boundaries
  • Making big life decisions that really contribute to a life well-lived
  • I no longer have clarity on why I am doing what I do professionally (besides the occupation,) and it takes a ton of my resources. I really need to redefine a few priorities here. 
  • Dealing positively with stressors in my life
  • Moving forward after this loss
  • Planning for life after my formal working career
  • I seem to need to talk and marinate a lot to get to the heart of an issue. 

Let’s be clear. I’m not the definitive expert on all these topics. But I am an executive coach, so I do know how to have a fruitful conversation with you around them. The outcome can be fresh insight and a forward moving plan of action for you.

Sometimes one conversation can change everything. That's the power of one on one executive coaching.

X marks the spot

Significant Life Goals

  • I want to learn to be able to risk in relationships and learn how to be close to others.
  • For a sounding board to help me get some objectivity and help with burnout.
  • To discover and ask the hard questions. I sense I can be accomplishing more.
  • To help me make amends and begin to rebuild.
  • Help me find and take that elusive time for myself.
  • I'm going through a period of personal revival. 
  • Peace with other people. I seem constantly to be having battles.
  • I want to have a strategy for putting boundaries in place.
  • I've hurt my wife, family, church. How do I recover from this?
  • Assist me in identifying my real, life goals.
  • I'd like my life to be fuller. I'm bored with the routine.
  • How to spend quality time with my daughter.
  • I need to develop a longer term personal and family plan (in conjunction with my spouse) that effectively reflects a balanced set of priorities.
  • I need some perspective on issues in my life.
  • My children and husband need to experience life with me by their side uninterrupted.
  • Help me overcome procrastination.
  • My wife needs me to show up differently than I have in these past few years. 

In our one to one executive coaching meeting, you can bring any topic to the table. I’ll provide an objective sounding board and the key questions to help you think it through and find new ways of thinking, adjusting and taking actions to live life to the full.

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One on One Executive Coaching

Executive coaching priorities vary. Whether for yourself, key individuals or a high-value team, my engagements are designed to build and hone personal, work and leadership assets. I listen carefully to what each individual wants and needs in order to successfully move forward.

Through our work together, you will advance personal and work priorities with greater effectiveness, less stress and more satisfaction.

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