Gary Wood Bio - The Informal Version

Are you looking for the real Gary Wood bio, the one that gives insight into the person, who I am and what has formed me? Here's the somewhat tongue-in-cheek version.

Who is Executive Coach Gary Wood? I want to know him. I want to see if he understands me and my situation. What kind of a life has he lived? I want to see why I should trust him with my personal, professional and organizational information. Who is Gary Wood?

Here’s a glimpse of some of the influences that have determined who I am and what I will bring to our work together. This is very informal. But you need to know that G.E.Wood & Associates is led by a real person ... with a life.

Gary on the Farm

  • I was brought up on the farm, knowing how to get the job done and learning the values of rural life and the relationships that were knit by a hard working community of people.

  • I knew I was loved by my Dad and Mom who (looking back) sacrificed more than I even know, so I could be where I am today.

  • So I have the benefit of having lived and worked in the country, town and city (sounds like a country song!)

  • Worked ninety minutes to clear the beaver pond to play hockey for 30 minutes. When I think back, clearing the pond was my best hockey skill.

  • I've thrown hay, picked potatoes, worked the jack hammer and built houses as a kid. That got me through all the years of schooling.

  • Have had my life enriched by knowing, learning from and working with wonderful people (lots of them)

  • Married the girl of my dreams who completes who I am (I got the best - I am the most fortunate man on earth.)

  • Read the Bible daily and I endeavor to treat, lead and coach people in alignment with its changeless truths.

  • Pray daily, have for years, will pray for anyone who touches my life

The Gary Wood Bio, There's More

Gary with Buster
  • I've been in the big company (yes, I was a number!) I worked on computers when they were bigger than some cars.

  • I've also moved out of the city, where there were no computers and started all over again.

  • I have worked for people, with people and leading people. My life has been all about people - a major portion of that, harnessing their capabilities to accomplish good things together.

  • I've started businesses, doing very well at some and poorly at others. I now know the differences. Yes, it's the real Gary Wood bio.

  • Designed things, made things and sold things

  • As a business entrepreneur and leader, I've never stopped learning. I believe in keeping fresh, stretching myself and moving forward.

  • Did business plans, marketing plans, house plans, ministry plans, strategic plans and planned how to plan

  • I have served on boards of directors with a bunch of great people. And I've been through those 'not so stellar' boardroom meetings too.

  • Created new directions, programs and initiatives

  • I've written and read, spoke and listened a lot, still do. Seems a lot more people want to listen to me now, but it only makes me more aware of how much I still have to learn.

  • Spotted, encouraged and trained emerging leadership. I've even given some my job. I love nothing more than watching emerging leadership grow and work shoulder-to-shoulder.

Still More ...

Gary and Alice at Beacon
  • I've done business in retail, wholesale, service, distribution and worked in non-profit (The early years seemed like a lot of non-profit)

  • I have invested (wisely, I believe) my adult years in Christian service - sometimes 'part-time', sometimes 'full-time'. What I have seen accomplished in lives will forever motivate me to keep working with people to see them be all that God created them to be. Now that's a Gary Wood bio point that encourages me.

  • I've worked with volunteers, hundreds and hundreds of them, motivated and excellent people, a highlight for sure. I've had the great privilege to articulate vision that captured their imagination and motivated us to work hard together to reach our goals.

  • And I’ve had great employees too. Some of them stand out for sure, but it was an honor to work side by side to accomplish good things.

  • Seems like I have always been working with people - coaching one to one before Coaching was even a recognized profession.

  • I've resolved conflicts and a million other things. This is the stuff of real life. It was mine to do and I did it, not always perfectly but with integrity.

  • I've been encouraged, discouraged, needed courage and found courage

  • Listened to and cried or rejoiced over almost every life situation going

  • I have had the incredible privilege to serve thousands of youth. These are the men and women who are in important positions of leadership and influence right now.

  • Worked with hundreds of couples and families

  • I am happily married with grown children. My wife is wonderful. (I know it's a repeat, but it's worth saying.) "Many" years of great marriage behind us - God willing, more to come

  • Survived the teen years. 'Survived' is tongue-in-cheek. We were all learning together. I'd do a few things different, but not much. Great kids.

  • Marriages and now Grandchildren – And some of them are bigger, older, and uniquely themselves. Beginning to accomplish things ... and, who knows what they will achieve!

And On and On to the End

  • I've held long time commitments, week in and week out.
  • I know about caring for an elderly parent. 4-1/2 hours away.  Pushing 100 years old. Lots of stories there. 

  • I've experienced break-ups, make-ups and shake-ups in organizations. Wherever you have people you have challenges. You also have incredible potential for change.

  • I know what it is to run with stress and overload. I spent several years "running in the red." It helped me understand leaders who are traveling that road right now. A formative time for sure.
The Barn

  • Have had a tired body, tired brain and tired soul and made it through. I did say it was the real Gary Wood bio!

  • Have had the severe privilege of being very near big stuff like cancer, suicide, eating disorders, marriage breakups, all sorts of failures, heartaches, and death
  • I am no stranger to disappointment, but in it I've found appointment, good work to be done. God redeeming any disappointment for His use.
  • I have lots of laughs, tons of memories and friends to share them with. The list of enriching people in my life just seems to keep growing.

  • I worked hard to master coaching skills and get recognized professional credentials, but my clients seem to give me more than I give them. (At least that's what I often feel after a call.)

  • And I have great coaching clients, who are ready, willing and able - successful people on the move who only want to do better. Seems I hear something on the news, and some client will have a connection to it. Vital and compelling.

  • I've collaborated with amazing colleagues who sparked me to learn, stretch and grow

  • I read, research, and ponder, and really believe that leaders are readers.
  • I love creating. I have a hundred and one "tools" I'd like to create for clients, articles I'd like to work on, and on, and on. I suspect life will be too short to achieve it all.
  • The body's good. The brain is sharp (that's a good thing!) However, I've been told I've completed my last roof. "That's it. No more up on the roof," she said. (No, I did not fall off.)

  • I love life and even looking back at a lot of tough stuff, wouldn't trade mine
  • Did I mention I'm married to the love of my life? Of course I did. We're still enjoying our journey together, (even though she said I can't go back up on the roof.)
  • No roof, but I do have "the barn," (a.k.a. the shop) a place to build, repair, and tinker on a day off. We call it the barn that family and friends built. The only warning I've received is to not cut digits off. 

That’s only a fraction of the story ...

There you have it ... the Gary Wood, executive coach bio. If you allow me the honor of working with you and your organization, I will bring the best of all that I am into serving you and seeing you successfully move forward.

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