How to Get Over Burnout

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Wondering how to get over burnout? Or asking yourself what strategies to put in place for avoiding burnout in the first place?

Since 1998, I’ve specialized in coaching leaders, executives, and senior-level professionals - just like you - who were dealing with burnout. If you are experiencing significant stress, I understand, and can provide solution-oriented support.

As with all the professionals I work with, coaching is private and confidential. You may call with confidence. An exploratory conversation costs you nothing.

One thing is for sure. Unless you are just poking around my site out of curiosity, you are probably here because you are experiencing some stress. Maybe even some significant stress. I hope I can help.   

"You're North America's beat burnout Coach."

(A generous) Executive Director

Experienced Coach Who Understands Burnout

You understand, I am not a medical practitioner. I am not a therapist. I am a credentialed, professional Coach who knows how to provide coaching support to leaders.

Support is a key word here. I can provide the very best professional coaching possible, with a lot of years of experience behind it. BUT, the responsibility to make any change at all will ultimately rest with you. 

As the front page of this site states, "I help leaders and executives maximize contribution and achievement, while minimizing those things that can lead to overload and burnout."

If you require other specialized expertise, please seek it. Don't delay on this.

How to Get Over Burnout

You might feel like there isn't much hope at the moment. But, I want to assure you that you can put this behind you. There IS hope. For over 25 years I've seen it happen. You can move step by step from running on empty to running on full. 

The illustration below provides a pathway through burnout and beyond. Since life isn't always neat and tidy, we'll respond to exactly where you are at any given point in time during our work together. 

Consider this as your strategy for how to get over burnout. We won't always have this illustration in front of us, but I can tell you I will always have its structure in my mind as we work together. 

4 Phases of Coaching to Get Over Burnout

Through leadership and executive coaching, I can support you to do one of two things, depending on where you are currently.

  1. Address the overload you are now experiencing in order to avoid burnout in the first place.
  2. Deal with burnout if that's where you feel you are right now.

And, if you happen to be a Christian executive or senior-level professional, I'll coach you to continue to navigate leadership incorporating your faith. 

Let's Start Addressing Burnout

For my own purposes I see a progression in rising intensity, from unhealthy stress, to overload, to burnout.

  • Unhealthy Stress
  • Overload
  • Burnout

It isn't uncommon to have potential clients contact me who are experiencing overload, one step removed from all-out burnout. Especially today, there are a lot of leaders and professionals experiencing the same thing. Even feeling overloaded for a long period of time is serious. But ...

  • If you think you're past even feeling overloaded
  • If you're past asking, "what does burnout feel like?
  • If the conversation has become, "I have to find a way of dealing with this burnout at work."

We'll follow four practical steps I've refined over many years of consistent work with leaders and professionals.

Reclaim Control to Get Over Burnout

Step 1 - Reclaim Control

Deal with your immediate situation:

First I help you find and implement some achievable actions you can take immediately to reduce the intensity you’re experiencing. This is designed to let you get some space to work on solutions.

Adjust Approach to Get Over Burnout

Step 2 - Adjust Approach

Find and adopt new strategies:

Something obviously isn't working. Next, I’ll help you move from a stressful to a manageable situation as you put in place new strategies that you are in control of for moving forward.

Sustain Gains to Get Over Burnout

Step 3 - Sustain Gains

Move forward with consistent results:

I coach you through any adjustments needed to lock in consistent results, focusing on a more sustainable and positive forward movement. Start to recover balance and regain performance

Build Capacity to Get Over Burnout

Step 4 - Build Capacity

Increase capability for future resilience and responsiveness: 

Now work on increasing your capacity to deal with hard stuff that WILL come up in the future. Develop resilience to see you through when it does happen. Reduce the possibility of burnout every occurring again.

What to Do Next

When providing coaching to deal with burnout, I work with either sponsored or private pay clients. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to me. An initial conversation will determine how we should best proceed.

To explore individual coaching, phone my office at 705-687-2711 or send a message through our Contact Page.

Providing Leadership and Executive Coaching

I am aware that nurses, teachers, police and several other specific groups are commonly dealing with job burnout. My primary focus, however, are leaders, executives, and senior-level professionals.

Whether it's corporate, business, government or nonprofit, don't hesitate to contact me.

An initial conversation will determine how we should best proceed. Phone my office at 705-687-2711 or leave a message here.

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